Daily Writing Prompt #1: On Love

What have you learned in your life about love?

Me and my girlfriend at The Broadmoor in southwest Colorado Springs.

The most important thing I’ve learned about love is that it is a choice; not a feeling. Passions, emotions, experiences, and moments come and go. Love, though, is an active choice of caring for someone over yourself. While the love that exists between a significant other versus a sibling or parent are different, both instances are cases where love must be chosen and not felt.

If a child is angry at their parent, but they still help them with a task around the house, then their action is inconsistent with how the child feels inside. However, the child chooses to love, despite how they feel.

How much more beautiful can our world be if our love were dictated by choice rather than emotion?

Suddenly, disagreements and words will be made insignificant placed up against your greater, eternal choice to love someone who will inevitably make you unhappy every now and then.

Choose to love! Love is a choice that can truly set you free.

No matter how you show love, choose to let it show.

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