So…What Is This Site All About?

By United States Air Force used under Public Domain.

Hello! Welcome to my first post on my website. To put it plainly and clearly, this website is about a lot of things! I have quite a scattered brain, and it really helps me to put things down on paper (or in this case, a screen!)

This website is where I’d like to pursue things that I’m passionate about, especially history, politics, culture, reading, travel, and cooking. In some ways, this is a personal blog, a history blog, a cooking blog, and many other types of blogs all in one place!

Like this blog, we are all a combination of all of our interests and passions being projected and spoken out into the world, our words in the air like posts on a screen.

I’m working on many projects within my community and personally. Over time, this website will seem to take on man identities and characters as different topics and passions are explored and understood.

I am originally from Hawaii and currently live in Colorado Springs near my girlfriend. We both studied at the University of Northern Colorado where I graduated with a degree in Political Science.

As a member of Gen Z, I’m hoping that blogging is a real community-based type of social media, unlike some of the other apps and websites that are not.

My goals for this blog are:

  • To create an open community and space for discussion, debate, discourse, and sharing stories.
  • To host a central space for the variety of projects I am working on.
  • To make history, politics, and culture more accessible to readers.
  • To strengthen my confidence and identity as a writer.

One of my starting post types that I’m excited about is called “Power Photos,” where I examine famous or obscure photos from online. I like this idea because it will combine writing, photography, and history in a personal way.

I’m hoping to start releasing books on history, politics, and culture very soon and hope you will join this vibrant community!

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